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Clinical Support Services 

Helps clients identify and address modifiable behaviors. During these sessions, a client is advised on how to manage and handle the problems they encounter on the road to recovery.

Abuse/PTSD Support

These sessions will cover a variety of Abuse & PTSD issues - 



Physical Trauma

 Sexual trauma



 Obtaining clinical support in this area is an excellent way to do longer-term maintenance and growth of oneself.  All clients welcomed!

Anger & Aggression

The purpose of these anger management sessions is to help a person decrease anger and aggression with clinically proven success tools. They may also be able to reduce the emotional and physical damage that anger can cause. This is designed to help the client learn to control reactions and respond in a socially appropriate manner. 

Adolescent Support

If your child (Ages 14-19) is dealing with issues like anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, or substance abuse issues, you want to do all that you can to get them the assistance they need to help themselves. These sessions are designed to give your teen a safe place to talk and advice to get through their challenges with a caring approach and process. There are several benefits that teenagers can get from this type of treatment.

Relationship Support

Learn how to empower your relationship and lay a successful foundation for change. These sessions are here to help you deal with everyday challenges, build a healthy and blissful relationship, encourage a long-lasting relationship, and to bring change if needed. 

Working with Lauren has been such a breath of fresh air. Customer Service skills are exceptional and I can actually feel she cares not only about solving the problem but you as a person. She is genuine, quick, and doesn’t mind going the extra mile. I would tell anyone to book a session with Bloom Life Consulting- Felicia Jones 

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